Mission Sim – Greens V Tans – 22nd August


Date: Sunday 22nd August 2021
Location: The Kingdom (Huntley Wood, Cheadle, S-O-T, ST10 2NST)
Single Day (Sun 22nd):
  Mission Sim – Greens V Tans
Saturday Camping & Sunday Event (Sat 21st & Sun 22nd):
   Access to Camp Site, Log Cabins and Shower block facilities.
   Social, BBQ, Pizza & Desserts available Saturday evening
   Mission Sim – Greens V Tan Sunday
*All deposits and payment are non-transferable or refundable.*
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Welcome to the first Mission Sim game at The Kingdom!
This event will comprise of a 7 hour non stop game day of 2 teams, Greens & Civvies V Tans & Blacks. Each team will have 3 10-man squads with a squad leader. Each Squad will have a choice of mission cards to complete during the course of the day in order to gain points for their team. These will include Recon missions, Capture of hostiles, Demolition, Supply drop recovery and more. Team work will be essential as casualties can affect the course of a mission, some will not even be able to complete without the entire squad present!
Team Camouflage
*Bookings for sides are first come first served, and only secured with a deposit.*
Greens & Civvies
Any green camouflage or block green colour including-
DPM, Flecktarn, Olive Drab, Atacs FG, Vegetato, Polish Woodland, French CCE, US M85, Kryptec Mandrake ect
Civillian clothing
Must be distinctive from opposing team colours including
Jeans, Non black or tan t-shirts/polo’s ect. Loud Shirts.
Tans & Blacks
Any Tan/Desert camouflage or colour including-
Desert DPM, MTP, Coyote Brown, Khaki, Marpat, Atacs AU, Desert tri-Colour, ACU ect
Any block black or black based camouflage including
Atacs LE, MTP Black, Kryptec Neptune, Urban Camo
The updated squad lists will be posted within the discussion tab on our facebook event. Found Here
Event Rules
These rules will be new to some but have been well established over many years by other organisers of historical milsims and are proven to work extremely well. We hope that everyone will follow the rules & the spirit of them closely and we will have have a better event from it.
• This is a squad-based game with squad-based missions
• Anyone not following orders / lone wolfing will be asked to leave and banned
• Just because you can see the enemy does not mean you go running after the enemy or trying to shoot the enemy, it will be reflected in your mission needs and if you want to complete it.
• Head Gear must be worn, when alive and can be taken off when dead.
• Every player will have 2 bandages (please bring if you have )
• Lunch – there will be no break it will be eaten at your HQ when your unit can come off the front line, squads will rotate breaks so there is always troops on the front line
• Each side will have an HQ which can leave kit, lunch, etc
Getting Shot
• When shot, a loud call of Agrrr should be made and the player is considered out of the game.
• When hit the player must place a hand in the air to show they are no longer live. but better is to lie dead Immediately fall to the ground and call for a Medic, If no one gets to you or all your bandages have been used you are dead.
• A shot player shouldn’t be targeted and cannot return fire until healed UNLESS they try to crawl to safety. If you are shot whilst crawling you are KIA and must lay dead for 2 minutes before you move to HQ to regen. There is no limit to how far you can crawl, however; you will bleed out in 5mins!
• Any soldier can return to their HQ and be fully restored to full hits (all bandages can be taken off)
• Dead players do not TALK. The exception to using the call DEAD MAN WALKING or LINE OF FIRE etc
• If things are a bit hairy or you’re on your own in the middle of nowhere you make take an immediate KIA! Just put your hand in the air and call ˜DEAD MAN WALKING Otherwise you must stay on the ground for at least 2mins. There is NO limit to how long you stay dead in the field.
Getting back in the action
• If a live teammate can get to you they must tie one of your bandages to your WRIST to make
you live again. To move a wounded player, place your hand on their shoulder.
• All bandaging must be stationary and if either player is hit during the Medic or during the move, both must players are dead and after 2 minutes you may head back to your HQ
• Bandages must not be Pre-tied so they just slip on, see rule 1
• No firing or any other actions while bandaging.
• A hit is anywhere on the body, if you think you’ve been hit, take it.
• Gun or Equipment Hits are hits if you are carrying it, just die as if it hit your body
• Medic rule – each squad can have 1 medic, who will be issued a medic bag containing morphine sachets (yes ok they are sugar really) the medic may approach a wounded player with a bandage and apply a morphine sachet over the wound , ie sprinkle the sachet of sugar over the area and then count at a steady rate to 10, if they complete a 10 count then the medic may remove a bandage from the wounded player.
• If at any point during this either are hit, they are both hit and wounded or KIA.
• This medic action can only be done if the medic has a morphine sachet spare, hence he does not start the 10 counts till he has used 1 – Medics will start with a limited amount, but there may be a squad mission to gain more.
• If the medic wanted to remove 2 bandages he must do the action twice.
• A medic may do this action on himself with an ally helping and counting to 10, but again if either is hit during this action both are wounded or KIA
Explosive Pyro Effects
Small structures 5m x5m Whole building is cleared inside only.
5m away hardcover has an effect outside only
If hit by a pyro you are wounded or if out of bandages then KIA
Only Airsoft branded pyros are allowed – no homemade pyro/booby traps etc, no remote dets unless given in-game as part of a mission restrictions.
NO reloading in the field (must be at HQ or supply dump)
Load Outs
1. Combat Soldier – Loadout
    Can use a SMG gun/assault rifle/rifle 350fps
    Can carry 300rds per life including any pistol mags
    Can carry 3 grenades per life
2. Grenadier/Engineer- loadout (1 per squad max)
    Can use a SMG gun/assault rifle/ rifle 350fps
    Can carry 300rds per life including any pistol mags
    Can carry 6 grenades per life
3. Medic – Loadout (1 per squad)
    Can use a SMG gun/assault rifle/rifle 350fps
    Can carry 300rds per life including any pistol mags
    Can carry 2 grenades per life
    Is given a medic bag
4. 2-Man LMG Team – Loadout (1 per squad) Gunner
    Can use a LMG/MMG 350fps
    Can carry 500rds loaded per life including any pistol mags loader
    Can use SMG.assault rifle 350fps
    Can carry 300rds per life including any pistol mags
    Can carry 2 grenades per life
    Can carry a 500rd reload for the gunner
    HIGH CAP MAGS – non-MG/support
Everyone is asked to make sure they only run mid-caps if possible; however, some rifles aren’t released with the option. In which case, high caps are allowed just be wary of the ammo limits.
Event Costs:
Non-Members £35.00
Members £30.00
Under 16’s £20.00 (Must be accompanied by an adult)
Whole Weekend (Sat-Sun) +£20.00
*Booking is required for this event. No walk-ons*
*Full day only, No half days available*
*There are No hire packages for this event.*
On Site Facilities Include:
• UKARA Registered Full Registered Site – Op-Tactical UK trading for over 12 year.
• Safe Zone
• Parking
• Toilets (Must bring own toilet paper)
• On site shop stocking a wide selection of airsoft essentials and a selection of drinks and snacks and much more from Staffordshire Militaria
• Over Night Camping Area
• Not in play Military and Civilian vehicles
Rough Timetable:
Gates open: 07:30
Check in: 08:30 till 09:00
Safety brief: 09:00 till 09:30
Dinner 13:00 till 13:30
Games finish: 17:00
Gates close: 17:30
Health and Safety Measures (Covid-19):
• Please download (here) and complete our disclaimer. This will be your method of signing in on the day. A member of staff will come to collect your completed disclaimer. If you do not have a printer please do not worry just remember to bring your own pen. We have to keep track of where and who you’re parked next to for track and trace advisories.
• All vehicles must be parked within the designated given area and with at least 2 meters gap between each vehicle. – Parking areas will be marked and confirmed at the main gate on arrival to the site.
• Please stay within close proximity of your vehicle until otherwise instructed.
• Social distancing needs to be maintained with a need to discourage gatherings in our social areas
• Facemasks must be worn in the safe zone at all times when interacting with others, Provided to you on entry to the site/main gate.
• There will be no standard safe zone – Players will be expected to operate from there own vehicle and stay within close proximity, There will be covered areas for players attending without a vehicle. All on the main car park our new safe zone.
• No on-site retail shop. We will provide BBs, Gas and Pyros offered to you directly on the day.
• Items must be paid via Card/Contactless Payment, or in advance of your arrival.
• No battery charging stations.
• We offer toilet facilities which will be disinfected by the user after each use, anti-bacterial spray will be provided, but please bring your own toilet tissue. We will sterilise the toilet in the morning of each event and at the end of each event.
• No food and drink will be sold on site until further notice, please make sure you are supplied for the event you are attending,
• The safest way to pay will be through our Online Booking System or via card payment on the day.
• Everything that’s provided by Op-Tac will be sterile for each event and will also be sterilised after each, making sure we are keeping the safety of you and us is the most top priority. We have had to come up with a whole new set of Risk Assessment and Health & Safety rules and guidelines to enable us to open again.
• There will be a LIFETIME ban if you arrive on site with any Covid-19 symptoms you are putting yourself and everyone around you at risk and this is not accepted. *We will also class this as a POLICE matter and will inform them of your details and actions.
• If any customer is not adhering to the rules above this will also result in a LIFETIME ban without exception.
• Staff and Customers safety is paramount to us here at Op-Tac. This is not a box ticking exercise, We hope you all follow the new rules in place and come and enjoy our events!
FPS Rules (with a 0.20g Bio BB):
Auto Weapons – 350fps *No sidearm needed
Semi Only – 450fps with a 25m M.E.D. *Must have sidearm
Bolt Action Rifle – 500fps with a 30m M.E.D. *Must have sidearm
Side Arms – 350fps
Pyrotechnic & Ammo Rules:
• All Pyrotechnics & Ammo Bio Friendly Only
• Must be 18 +
• Only TLSFX and Enola Gaye
• MK3, MK4, MK5 and MK7 Thunder flashes
• EG 67 Ring Pull and all ring pull types
• 209, 9mm, Magflash, 12G blanks
• Smoke Grenades
• GR20’s using Blue Training Loads
• GTR60’s using Blue Training Loads
• TAG rounds * Must be 18 +
Anything else – Please show us in the morning before the event.
General Information:
On arrival to the venue, you will find a large electric gate which will be closed. There will be a member of staff at the gates.
Any problems with access contact: 07510127056
Please ensure you follow the signs once inside the gates to the safe zone car park – Please do not drive on the grass – stick to the roads and keep your speed down.
Please also ensure all Airsoft weapons are bagged made safe before entering the venue.
The Shop has a wide selection of 0.20s/ 0.25s/0.30s on sale when signing in, If you need any other weights, please bring your own – you will not be allowed to play with non-bios.
Over 18’s: – Club Membership £50.00 for the year inc. UKARA membership, privileges include £5 discount on green fees at all Op-Tac ran venues,10% discount on all purchases over £50 and up to £150 max purchase at Staffordshire Militaria, members only invites to The Kingdom.
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