Special Operations Sabre – 10hr BattleSim – 26th, 27th & 28th November


Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th November 2021
The Kingdom (Huntley Wood, Cheadle, S-O-T, ST10 2NST)
Single Day (Sat):
  Special Operations Sabre
Weekend Event (Fri, Sat & Sun):
   Access to Camp Site and Shower block facilities.
   Social, Pizza & Desserts available Saturday evening
   Special Operations Sabre
*All deposits and payment are non-transferable or refundable.*
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Map of Op Tactical UK - The Kingdom Outdoor Venue

Background Story:

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gents,
Special Operations Sabre
Ten weeks after peace was restored to the Northwest Khyber region of Pakistan, in the tribal areas near Peshawar, After Hussain Putin’s successful election and relaunch of fracking station No.1, No. 2 and No.3, The Fuel produced from the fracking station’s has been at an all time high, the government and local people are enjoying the recovery of the local economy and are set for a peaceful winter and end to the year.
Moscow has other plans – The Russian military commanders have been tasked with the purchase of Military hardware and components to make WMD’s, The agency have been monitoring the area and intercepted communications between two unknown male voices.
Intel from these communications have confirmed that the two males plan to meet on the Afghanistan south west border, It is believed the seller intends to bring wmd’s over the border.
A request to intercept the meeting with special forces was made by the US government to the Afghanistan Government, This request was firmly denied and no access would be tolerated by the Afghan authorities.
Following an international emergency meeting at the Pentagon with the US top brass, a decision was authorised to launch a Special Operations Sabre.
Task Force will move into the AO under the cover as contractor. Task Force are tasked with gathering further Intel on both the Russians and the military groups, identifying the seller of the wmd’s. Most importantly the location and time must be confirmed. This exchange must not happen and is a kill or capture mission.
Following the application to the Afghan Government regarding access, intel has come to light that they intend to send in a large size force to the region where the exchange is to take place. Special Operations Sabre Group only have 10 hours to intercept the exchange and get out. If you are captured by the Russian’s/Tali Gangs all knowledge of your existence will be denied
Godfather out
Wait out for more Intel!!
This is a 10 hour Operation. Do you and your team have what it takes to win!
Teams will be allocated a C.C.P./FOB to operate out of for the duration of the event. Our normal safe zone at the cabins will remind open for players to return for consumables such as ammo, food etc.


Team Camo/Team Tasking:

Task Force
Camo: Multicam/MTP, DPM, AOR1, AOR2, MARPAT, Sand, Tri, Tan, Black, Jeans
• Gather Intel On Russian’s and Other Gang’s
• Intercept WMD Meeting / Locate Capture and Deny
• Locate Capture and Deny Any Intel
• Eliminate All Enemy Troops – Kill Confirm on all HVT’s & HVI’s –
Warlords – Tali/Other Gang’s
Camo: Any Typical Taliban camo, from any era, Loud Colours, DPM
• Protect your leader
• Liaise with Russian Force’s
• Control Fracking Station
• Conduct Guerrilla Tactics Against Suspected Task Force/PMC’s and Help Gain Intel
Camo: Any Russian camo, from any era, DPM, Pencott Greenzone, German Flecktarn, ATAC’s.
• To Enforce Moscow’s WMD plans
• To Protect Your Commander
• To Conduct Guerrilla Tactics Against Task Force and P.M.C. Forces

(Please be aware if you do not turn up in the right team clothing you may be automatically allocated to a different team than you booked on with. Please keep to your chosen team colours. Dress to Impress!)

Equipment: All tactical equipment is allowed including but not limited to radios, helmets, armour, NVGs.
Weapons: Anything can be used.
Weapon Accessories: Anything can be used.
Ammo: Mid & Low cap magazines only, No High Caps magazines & box magazines unless you are running a support weapon. Loose ammo is allowed to be carried on your person or left are your C.C.P./FOB.


Recommended Equipment:

    • Bergen/Backpack
    • Wash Kit / Loo Role
    • Food & Water (For 13hrs)
    • Brew Kit / Cooking Kit / K.F.S
    • Uniform & Boots / Socks / Spares
    • Eye Protection / Lower
    • Combat Kit (Webbing / Vest)
    • Weapons (Airsoft)
    • Navigation Kit (Map, Compass)
    • Torch & Lightsticks
    • Toolkit & Batteries
    • Sleeping Kit ( Bivi, Mat, Basha, Tent if required)

Rough Timetable:

Gates Open – 15:30pm
Camping is available both Friday and Saturday Night.
Gates Open – Sign in – 7:00 am
Safety Brief – 9:30 am
Start Point – EX on – 10:00 am
*Mission Brief will be provided on the morning on the event
End Ex – 8:00 pm
Social – 9:30pm
Camping is available both Friday and Saturday Night.

Gates close – 12:30pm


On Site Facilities:

• UKARA Registered Full Registered Site – Op-Tactical UK trading for over 12 year.
• Safe Zone
• Parking for 150+ cars
• Ingame Military and Civilian vehicles
• Toilets Male and Female – Hot Shower
• Free Tea, Coffee & Hot Chocolate available all weekend
• Cooked Food available all weekend
• On site shop stocking a wide selection of airsoft essentials and a selection of drinks and snacks and much more from Staffordshire Militaria
• Battery Charging Facilities
• Fully Qualified Catering Staff All Weekend
• First Aid Qualified Male and Female Staff
• Under 16 Child / Younger Person Protection Scheme in-place
• Advanced CRB Check On All Staff 2020


General Information, Rules and Conduct:


• We operate a zero tolerance policy to poor conduct!
• We will not tolerate cheats!
• We will not tolerate cheat calling or abusive behaviour towards anybody! (tell a marshal that is what we are there for!)
• We will not tolerate blind firing of any kind!
• The marshals word is final and arguing will not be tolerated!
• 3 strikes and your out!
• 1st time you will be warned
• 2nd time you will leave the game (for at least 30 mins)
• 3rd time you will leave the event, and be banned from any future events with Op-Tac.

When Hit, a player must leave the playing area as quickly as possible with one hand raised in the air above their head whilst continuously calling “dead man walking” or us a Dead Red Rag.
A hit is classed as a direct strike from a BB to any part of the player and their equipment, This does not including the weapon in hand. Weapon Hits do not count – Shout weapon hit and carry on!
Dead men do not talk and will be deemed as poor conduct

Fire Mode/FPS Limits:
AEGs/GBB Rifle/Pistol = maximum 350 FPS with .2g Bbs.
DMR = maximum 400 FPS with .2g Bbs – Locked to single shot (20 Meter minimum engagement rule)
Single shot bolt action sniper = maximum 500 FPS with .2g Bbs (25 Meter minimum engagement rule)
All weapons will be chronographed before the commencement of play with 0.20g bb’s and random chronographing will take place throughout the event. Please ensure your weapons is within the limits as any weapon found to be over the FPS limit must be placed back in the player’s vehicle or left in the event office until the end of the event. No exceptions will be made.
Any player found trying to cheat the chrono will be immediately removed from the event.

Single Shot ONLY inside of buildings:
You may fire full auto in too/out of a building but must switch to semi once you are in a building.

Medic Rules:
Any medic rules in play will be explained at the event game brief.

Bang Rules:
We do not enforce the BANG rule, we do however expect common sense at close ranges! IE No head shots at close range.

Only pyro purchased from Op-Tac will be able to be used at this event. (with the exception of BFG’s 9mm (equivalent and below only, inc mag flash, GR20 Low power)
MK9, 12g & GR20 screeches outside only, ALL BB’S AND PYROS MUST BE BIODEGRADABLE!

Grenades in buildings:
Any player in a room is dead unless behind hard cover. Hard cover is classed as a physical barrier between the player and line of sight of the grenade i.e a wall, not hiding behind the player in front of you!

Grenades Outside/open terrain:
Kill radius of within 5m/15ft. Hard cover rule applies

Mortars Outside/open terrain:
Kill radius of within 15m/45ft. Hard cover rule applies

Smoke is for screening purposes only and does not have any other in game effect. Military smokes are allowed outside of buildings. No military smokes inside buildings.

Game effect pyro:
Any other pyro which has any in game effects will be used and controlled by a marshall, the marshal will inform the players effected and to what extent.

1. Sleep in game. Players that choose to do so must wear their eye protection at all times. (post a sentry)
2. Your vehicle within the Car Park
3. Off site (Must sign out and back in on return)

• The minimum age of players is 14 years old and they must be accompanied by an adult when on site(up to the age of 16). A disclaimer will have to be signed by the supervising adult before play can commence and by a parent/guardian for any player under 18
• All players must wear adequate footwear which gives maximum ankle support (i.e. boots, no trainers!). Players are also advised to wear full face masks. This is not mandatory for adults but is a must for those under the age of 16 yrs. Safety glasses to ballistic standard must be worn at all times on the site except in the safe zone. Gloves and a helmet are advised.
• All players must ensure whilst travelling to and from the site that their weapons are transported in either a hard or soft case. At no time should weapons be visible to the general public. This is for your own safety!
• All players must sign in and out when entering or leaving the site.

• No smoking is allowed whilst inside any of the buildings but provision will be made for smokers outside of the building.
• Do not use the buildings as a toilet, there will be toilets allocated around the site. DO NOT ATTACK THE TOILETS!(or tip them over when your mates in them!)
• No green military lasers to be used on site. Low powered red lasers are permitted.
• Violence, intimidation and bullying will not be tolerated on this site against players or marshals. Any person committing such an act will be removed from the building and membership will be terminated.
• Anybody caught causing non-accidental damage to the site will be held liable for the cost of repair.
• Players must not enter rooms/buildings/areas with ‘out of bounds’ signs on or warning tape.
• The marshal’s word is final.
• No fixed blade knifes (rubber training knives allowed)
• All deposits are non refundable, unless we cancel/change the event dates.

On arrival to the venue, you will find a large electric gates which will be closed. There will be a member of staff at the gates.
Any problems with access contact: 07510127056

Please ensure you follow the signs once inside the gates to the safe zone car park – Please do not drive on the grass – stick to the roads and keep your speed down

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