Operation Blackout – 12hr Battlesim – 25th May


Date: 24th, 25th & 26th May 2024
Location: The Kingdom (Huntley Wood, Cheadle, S-O-T, ST10 2NST)
Single Day (Saturday 25th):
   Operation Blackout – 12 Hour Battlesim
Weekend Event (Fri, Sat & Sun):

   Operation Blackout – 12 Hour Battlesim
   Access to Camp Site
   Social available Friday & Saturday evening
   Food available Saturday only
*All deposits and payment are non-transferable or refundable.*
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Operation Blackout Part 1 Booking Thread:

UK/US Special Forces VS CAR Militia/Wagner Group
Team Allocations:
UK/US Special Forces – 70 Players – 
CAR Militia/Wagner Group – 40 Players – 

After a unexpected turn of events following the recent elections in The Central African Republic(CAR) the new Pro Russian government has hired the Russian mercenary group WAGNER to oversee and guide the training and updating of the countries military. Western Intelligence Agencies believe this to be false information and a cover for a subtle coup instigated by the WAGNER group.

The new government has also broken ties with France, stopped paying the French Colonial tax and withdrawn it’s fiscal assets from Parisian banks. This has led to a massive blow to the French economy and with the export of Gold stopping to the USA, both the USA and France are keen to see a change in leadership of the CAR. Additionally the CAR is now exporting their Gold reserves to South Africa and Russia, it’s believed this is to bolster the Gold Reserves of the BRICS Alliance as they look to build a new currency to rival the US Dollar.
NATO keen to not see BRICS expand further and restore the money flow from CAR to the west, UK/US have assemble a Task Force. Their mission is to restore the Pro West Government. And if possible capture large Gold shipments due to leave the country.
This is a 12 hour Operation with hourly missions. Do you and your team have what it takes to win!
Teams will be allocated a C.C.P./FOB to operate out of for the duration of the event.
Our normal safe zone will remind open for players to return for consumables such as ammo, food etc.


Team Cam0:
UK/US Special Force
Team Camo:
Multicam/MTP, AOR1, AOR2, MARPAT, Sand, Tri, Black, Tan.

CAR Militia/Wagner Group
Team Camo: Civilian Cloths, Loud Colours, DPM/Olive any Russian camo from any era.
(Please be aware if you do not turn up in the right team clothing you may be automatically allocated to a different team than you booked on with. Please keep to your chosen team colours. Dress to Impress!)

Tasking Roles:
Given the logistics of Pre organising squads, we ask that if you are a squad that wishes to stay together, please have your designated squad leader let your commander know. If not, we will designate you a squad and a squad leader. All squad leaders are asked to be briefed by command at 10:00am, squad leaders can then relay information to their squads.

Equipment: All tactical equipment is allowed including but not limited to radios, helmets, armour, NVGs.
Weapons: Anything can be used.
Weapon Accessories: Anything can be used.
Ammo: Mid & Low cap magazines only, No High Caps magazines & box magazines unless you are running a support weapon. Loose ammo is allowed to be carried on your person or left are your FOB.

Recommended Equipment:

    • Bergen/Backpack
    • Wash Kit / Loo Role
    •     Food & Water (For 12hrs)
    • Brew Kit / Cooking Kit / K.F.S
    • Uniform & Boots / Socks / Spares
    • Eye Protection / Lower
    • Combat Kit (Webbing / Vest)
    • Weapons (Airsoft)
    • Navigation Kit (Map, Compass)
    • Torch & Lightsticks
    • Toolkit & Batteries
    • Sleeping Kit ( Bivi, Mat, Basha, Tent if required)

Rough Timetable (Saturday):
Gates Open – Sign in – 7:30 am
Safety Brief – 8:45-9:00 am
Start Point – EX on – 9:30 am
*Mission Brief will be provided on the morning on the event
End Ex – 21:30-22:00 pm

On Site Facilities Include:

• UKARA Registered Full Registered Site – Op-Tactical UK trading for over 18 years.
• Safe Zone
• Parking for 50+ cars
• Ingame Military and Civilian vehicles
• Toilets
• On site shop stocking a wide selection of airsoft essentials and a selection of drinks and snacks and much more from Staffordshire Militaria
• Battery Charging Facilities
• Fully Qualified Catering Staff All Weekend
• First Aid Qualified Male and Female Staff
• Under 16 Child / Younger Person Protection Scheme in-place
• Advanced CRB Check On All Staff 2023

General Information, Rules and Conduct:


• We operate a zero tolerance policy to poor conduct!
• We will not tolerate cheats!
• We will not tolerate cheat calling or abusive behaviour towards anybody! (tell a marshal that is what we are there for!)
• We will not tolerate blind firing of any kind!
• The marshal’s word is final and arguing will not be tolerated!
• 3 strikes and your out!
• 1st time you will be warned
• 2nd time you will leave the game (for at least 30 mins)
• 3rd time you will leave the event, and be banned from any future events with Op-Tac.

Hits/Medic Rules:
When Hit, a player must leave the playing area as quickly as possible with one hand raised in the air above their head whilst continuously calling “dead man walking” or us a Dead Red Rag.
A hit is classed as a direct strike from a BB to any part of the player and their equipment, This does not including the weapon in hand. Weapon Hits do count.
Only two medic arm band is allowed to be carried on each player.
1st time shot: After been shot player must drop to the floor and is now DEAD. (Can make groaning sounds)
Any player can medic – to medic the DEAD player, tie a WHITE medic arm band on to the player to revive.
*NOT allowed to self medic*
Repeat if shot again.
If killed by IED/Grenade/TAG round/ or any in game explosives player are now DEAD and have to return to F.O.B. *No arm bands required.
*Not allowed to remove medic arm bands – No Max medic arm bands allowed before having to attend teams F.O.B.
Not allowed to move once shot until Bleed Out time 5 Min is done (*On the spot)
Whist with one hand raised in the air above their head whilst continuously calling “dead man walking” or us a Dead Red Rag.
DEAD Players returning to the team’s F.O.B. to re-gen can not be captured.
Dead men do not talk and will be deemed as poor conduct

Fire Mode/FPS Limits:
AEGs/GBB Rifle/Pistol = maximum 350 FPS with .2g Bbs.
DMR = maximum 400 FPS with .2g Bbs – Locked to single shot (20 meter minimum engagement rule)
Single shot bolt action sniper = maximum 500 FPS with .2g Bbs (25 meter minimum engagement rule)
All weapons will be chronographed before the commencement of play with 0.20g bb’s and random chronographing will take place throughout the event. Please ensure your weapons is within the limits as any weapon found to be over the FPS limit must be placed back in the player’s vehicle or left in the event office until the end of the event. No exceptions will be made.
Any player found trying to cheat the chrono will be immediately removed from the event.

Single Shot ONLY inside of buildings:
You may fire full auto in too/out of a building but must switch to single shot once you are within 5 metre any building. Single shot once inside – No three round burst fire indoors –

Bang Rules:
We do not enforce the BANG rule, we do however expect common sense at close ranges! IE No head shots at close range.

Pyrotechnic & Ammo Rules:
• Must be 18 +
• Only TLSFX and Enola Gaye, Tag
• MK3, MK4, MK5 and MK7 Thunder flashes
• EG 67 Ring Pull and all ring pull types
• 209, 9mm, Magflash, 12G blanks
• Smoke Grenades
• GR20’s using Blue Training Loads
• GTR60’s using Blue Training Loads
• TAG rounds * Must be 18 +
Anything else – Please show us in the morning before the event.

Grenades in buildings:
Any player in a room is dead unless behind hard cover. Hard cover is classed as a physical barrier between the player and line of sight of the grenade i.e a wall, not hiding behind the player in front of you!

Grenades Outside/open terrain:
Kill radius of within 5m/15ft. Hard cover rule applies

Mortars/TAG Rounds Outside/open terrain:
Kill radius of within 15m/45ft. No allowed to fire direct at another player/Must be fired at 45 degree angle. Hard cover rule applies

Smoke is for screening purposes only and does not have any other in game effect. Military smokes are allowed outside of buildings. No military smokes inside buildings.

Game effect pyro:
Any other pyro which has any in game effects will be used and controlled by a marshall, the marshal will inform the players affected and to what extent.

1. Sleep in game. Players that choose to do so must wear their eye protection at all times. (post a sentry)
2. Your vehicle within the Car Park
3. Off site (Must sign out and back in on return)

• The minimum age of players is 14 years old and they must be accompanied by an adult when on site(up to the age of 16). A disclaimer will have to be signed by the supervising adult before play can commence and by a parent/guardian for any player under 18
• All players must wear adequate footwear which gives maximum ankle support (i.e. boots, no trainers!). Players are also advised to wear full face masks. This is not mandatory for adults but is a must for those under the age of 16 yrs. Safety glasses to ballistic standard must be worn at all times on the site except in the safe zone. Gloves and a helmet are advised.
• All players must ensure whilst when travelling to and from the site that their weapons are transported in either a hard or soft case. At no time should weapons be visible to the general public. This is for your own safety!
• All players must sign in and out when entering or leaving the site.

• No smoking is allowed whilst inside any of the buildings but provision will be made for smokers outside of the building.
• Do not use the buildings as a toilet, there will be toilets allocated around the site. DO NOT ATTACK THE TOILETS!(or tip them over when your mates in them!)
• No green military lasers to be used on site. Low powered red lasers are permitted.
• Violence, intimidation and bullying will not be tolerated on this site against players or marshals. Any person committing such an act will be removed from the building and membership will be terminated.
• Anybody caught causing non-accidental damage to the site will be held liable for the cost of repair.
• Players must not enter rooms/buildings/areas with ‘out of bounds’ signs on or warning tape.
• The marshal’s word is final.
• No fixed blade knives (rubber training knives allowed)
• All deposits are non refundable, unless we cancel/change the event dates.

On arrival to the venue, you will find a large electric gate which will be closed. There will be a member of staff at the gates.
Any problems with access contact: 07510127056

Please ensure you follow the signs once inside the gates to the safe zone car park – Please do not drive on the grass – stick to the roads and keep your speed down

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