Operation Crossfire Part 1 – 8hr Battlesim – Sunday 28th April


Date: Sunday 28th April
Location: The Kingdom (Huntley Wood, Cheadle, S-O-T, ST10 2NST)
*All deposits and payment are non-transferable or refundable.*

    Do you require hire equipment? Deposit of £10 

    • 20 £
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Operation Crossfire Part 1 Booking Thread:
Team Allocations:
DEA Team – 30 Players –
Cartel Team – 30 Players –
This is a 8hr Open Play Battlesim using the New Deepmere and Wyldwood area, Sponsored by Crib Gogh with prize draw at end Ex.
This is a 3 part 8hr Battlesim mini series.
Based in the region “ Valle de las Llamas ( valley of flames ) The Cartel Factions have taken over and turned this once beautiful woodland into a production plant for narco production. 
Tasking Roles and Intel will be released on the day.
Teams will be allocated a FOB to operate out of for the duration of the event, However it can be captured by another team, every building is up for grabs, You will be expected to only carry one weapon and side arm, a small bergan if needed, All other kit must be left in you’re car at the safe zone. This is Big Boys Airsoft! Please remember that!
DEA have been deployed to shut down the cartel gangs and stop the flow narcotics
DEA – Raid stashes and take out HVTs to wipe these gangs out
CARTEL- manufacture merch in your factory, Move your stash to the airstrip for delivery, Protect your territory and your boss
Who will leave the AO victorious!
Team Camo For Operation Crossfire are as follows:
DEA Team
Team Camo:
Camo: Multicam/MTP, AOR1, AOR2, MARPAT, Sand, Tri, Tan, Black.
Cartel/RUS PMC’s Team
Team Camo:
Camo: Traditional Cartel Dress, Loud Colours, DPM, Olive, Civilian Clothing, Any Russian camo, from any era.
Cartel – Civvies * bright shirts allowed
Team Camo Refers To Clothing ONLY – Not Your Carrier’s/Belts ETC.
(Please be aware if you do not turn up in the right team Camo you may be automatically allocated to a different team than you booked on with. Please keep to your chosen team colours. Dress to Impress!) Prize will be on offer for best dress player from each team.
Equipment: All tactical equipment is allowed including but not limited to radios, helmets, armour, NVGs.
Weapons: Anything can be used.
Weapon Accessories: Anything can be used.
Ammo: Mid & Low cap magazines only, No High Caps magazines & box magazine unless you are running a support weapon. Loose ammo is allowed to be carried on your person or left are your FOB.
Rough Timetable (Sunday):
Gates Open – Sign in – 7:30 am
Safety Brief – 9:00 am
Start Point – EX on – 9:30 am
*Mission Brief will be provided on the morning on the event
End Ex – 17:30 pm
Event Costs:
Non-Members £50.00 (Does not include hot lunch)
Members £45.00
Full day only, No half days available
Hire Equipment from £25.00:
• Inc. 500rds ammo HK416/M4
• Inc. Rental RIF AEG/RIF,
  Inc. Goggles/Facemask. Available to purchase when booking in.
On Site Facilities Include:
• UKARA Registered Full Registered Site – Op-Tactical UK trading for over 15 year.
• Safe Zone
• Parking
• Toilets 
• On site shop stocking a wide selection of airsoft essentials and a selection of drinks and snacks and much more from Staffordshire Militaria
• In play Military and Civilian vehicles. (Weather Depending)
Player Disclaimer:
• Please download (here) and complete our disclaimer. Players must completed disclaimer for each event.
FPS Rules (with a 0.20g Bio BB):
Auto Weapons – 350fps *No sidearm needed
Semi Only – 450fps with a 20m M.E.D. *Must have sidearm
Bolt Action Rifle – 500fps with a 25m M.E.D. *Must have sidearm
Side Arms – 350fps
Pyrotechnic & Ammo Rules:
• All Pyrotechnics & Ammo Bio Friendly Only
• Must be 18 +
• Only TLSFX and Enola Gaye, Tag
• MK3, MK4, MK5 and MK7 Thunder flashes
• EG 67 Ring Pull and all ring pull types
• 209, 9mm, Magflash, 12G blanks
• Smoke Grenades
• GR20’s using Blue Training Loads
• GTR60’s using Blue Training Loads
• TAG rounds * Must be 18 +
Anything else – Please show us in the morning before the event.
General Information:
On arrival to the venue, you will find a large electric gate which will be closed. There will be a member of staff at the gates.
Any problems with access contact: 07510127056
Please ensure you follow the signs once inside the gates to the safe zone car park – Please do not drive on the grass – stick to the roads and keep your speed down.
Please also ensure all Airsoft weapons are bagged made safe before entering the venue.
The Shop has a wide selection of bio 0.20s/ 0.25s/0.30s on sale when signing in, If you need any other weights, please bring your own – you will not be allowed to play with non-bios.
Over 18’s: – Club Membership £50.00 for the year inc. UKARA membership, privileges include £5 discount on green fees at all Op-Tac ran venues,10% discount on all purchases over £50 and up to £150 max purchase at Staffordshire Militaria, members only invites to The Kingdom.
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